Norwegian Airlines A321LR

Hey everyone Norwegian is a large Boeing customer, and now the airline is becoming increasingly noticeable also among its competitors
Norwegian has ordered 30 copies of the Airbus A321LR and will be among the first to use the new version that will come in 2019.

So i request Norwegian Airlines New Airbus A321LR, they shall buy too Airbus A320neo but i request a larger plane they will buy, the real plane is in Airbus A321LR so it had been so cool.

Picture of Airbus A321LR in livery Norwegian Airlines⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️


I never knew Norwegian operates an A321LR

I always thought their fleets were Dreamliners and MAXes


They don’t operate them yet:) Only ordered them

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According to this article Norwegian has ordered 30 A321LR it also breifly explains which routes the A321LR will be used on

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They skall buy them.

BTW they too operate Boeing 737-800

You have my vote

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LOT already operates the MAX.🤔

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They was the First to Operate the 737 MAX 8.

And see this:

Norwegian Begins to Get A321LR in 2019!!

Norwegian was the first to operate the 737 Max 8 BTW!

BTW you have mentioned that about 3 times, I get your bumping your post but BTW being repetitive doesn’t help in any manner. I’m just letting you know this BTW.

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Ok @Ecoops123

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