Norwegian Air

I’m flying BOS - CDG 10/08.

I bought the ticket for $145.

I’m reading mixed reviews. Has anyone ever flown Norwegian? What are your thoughts?

I plan on taking about 6 or 7 flights while I’m there for two weeks. Do you recommended any airlines over another?

This is my first international flight! All tips appreciated!

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enjoy Norwegian! I heard good things about it my little brother flew them and enjoy them


Norwegian is a low cost airline! And in my opinion, the best one! New planes, nice cabin, many destinations, nice staff! I have flown with them a lot and never had any issues! 😉

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Well so far I feel a lot better! From what I can see on YouTube the planes look nice! I’ve heard a lot of cancellations and delays.

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I think they are a very good airline they are flying to very busy airports which is appealing to customers and they have reasonable prices but i think IAG are trying to take them over so I don’t know how long more there prices will be good

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Many of their cancellations of their 787 fleet was partly due to the Trent 1000 Engine issue which a lot of airlines owning the 787 experienced and are still experiencing as of now. But other than that every airliner goes through more or less canceled flights from time to time but i can reasure that Norwegian is a amazing airline indeed. Not only a low-cost airline, but also one that has a pleasant interior, great staff,friendly and helpful and very good service. It’s my personal favorite low cost airline to fly with and you won’t be disappointed.

I’m guessing you’re flying with their 787, then their IFE is nice, has a good selection of movies to watch.
You’ll probably find something nice to entertain yourself self with during the flight. The planes ofcourse state of the art and modern inside. Spacious legroom, enough for me 5’7, and even if you are taller than me you should be fine. I honestly find Norwegian to be a great airline for the price.

Enjoy your flight and have a safe trip :)

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Yes! There has been some problems with their 787 Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engines!


But don’t let the engine failure set a fear in you, those aircraft are in maintenance right now I’d believe and I’ve flown on many 787’s with Trent 100 Engines without any issues whatsoever, so you’ll be fine. The engine issue is being looked on and many has had their engines changed and are free from those issues that the Trent 100 brought with it. And for the record i haven’t heard anything about any major back to back consecutive cancellation on their part, matter in fact they are doing great and expanding thier route network and seeking permission to have a slot at specific airports. They are growing and growing well.

Outside of the Engine issue, i really can’t say anything negative about them. And about other recommendations… well not this time, i believe Norwegian for its price and the service they provide you for it outshines bigger Airlines like Air France and British Airways.


Just booked a flight from STN - APF for $28 through Ryanair. Any tips with them?

For $28… how do you beat that.

Hmm, lets see.

I was almost going to fly Norwegian on their LAX - LHR route. But after digging, their meals, etc, aren’t complimentary. Now, unless you want to bring your own food and what not, I don’t suggest you fly them. Also, they have very tight baggage restrictions. So basically, Norwegian is like the Southwest for long haul.

It all depends on what you want :/

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Ryanair, well everyone says they do hard landings and all, I’ve never flown with them so i can’t say much, but i have a relative, he flies very often, 8-10 times a year and those times he flew with Ryanair, he said that it was a fine landing. Nothing out of the ordinary. I guess it depends who you ask. I don’t believe they are as bad some say make them look like they are but definitely not one of the top low cost airlines out there.

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Lets keep this on topic please, I believe were talking aboutNorwegian, not Ryanair, but you can also make another thread or justPM each other.

For $145 though! I don’t know if I could find another non-stop flight even comparable to the price.

From Boston it’s only a 6 1/2 hour flight, I can rely on snacks!

He wanted tips, so i gave him tips, one time only not going off topic since he wanted advice :)

Anyways carry on…

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That’s pretty cheap! But look out for hidden fees, on google flights, I have it as approx $330USD.

CDG seems to be a pretty expensive airport to fly into, because of all the tourism. When I went to Paris, I initially spent 4 days in London, then took the Eurostar to Paris.

tbh, I think that since it is a 6.5hr flight, you’ll be ok, just like a transcon Spirit flight, but like a 10hr flight to LHR from LAX, that would be kinda difficult.

Eurostar is how I will be getting to London from Paris!

An international flight for $145 is really good and dont care the service I would take it

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That’s how I felt. I did end up going back and buying a window seat, but still cheap! I also booked a flight from BOS-RSW in January for the about the same price! Blew my mind how cheap the flight to Paris was!

Flew on their 787s and 737s a few years back, no complaints from me at all! Give EasyJer a try over there, you might be crammed in but sub-$40 tickets are worth it.