Norwegian air window question

I just booked a Norwegian air flight. Does anyone know if the crew has controls over the window shades on the Dreamliner?


Yes all of the windows are controlled by the crew

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I’m going to hate life then 12 hrs of pure torture

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Don’t worry i enjoy how they are because I go every 2 years or more

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Usually only on long hauls or at night from NZAA-RJTT they dimmed the windows slightly as you will experience

I’m doing the late afternoon/evening Madrid to Los Angeles

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Wait Norwegian Air flies AKL-HND?

Yip you’ll probably have your window tinted at night

Nope sorry I was meaning the Dreamliner (Air New Zealand does)

Most of the flight will be in daylight if not the whole flight. I suspect the last at most couple hours is night.

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Yeah I would say slightly tinted so there will be an obvious difference but you’ll still be able to see out it 😁

They dont hold sole responsibility of the blind. You can set it to whatever you want but they use it to wake folk up naturally for food or drinks services. On the flipside they also dim them all so people can sleep.

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Not necessarily. When I flew on JAL’s B787-9 back in December last year, I could control it by myself…

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@TylerShah Unless Norwegian changed its policy in the last 3-4 years, they don’t lock the windows on long-haul flights.

Reading a few reviews from TPG, there wasn’t any mention on the crew locking the windows.

If you look at this video at 17:36, you can see they were able to change the window settings in the middle of the flight:

Here’s another one, the same route that you’re taking, MAD-LAX:

Go to 7:23 and you can see some windows aren’t dimmed at all.

3rd example: AMS-LAX. Window Seat was recording the flight without dimmed windows:


Yes definitely you have your own controls on the window as you said but the crew can override it this happened to me on a night flight from RJAA-NZAA the flight attendant locked the windows

Have you ever tried asking flight crew to give you back the control? I don’t think they’ll say no

But are they able to do that? Can they give one specific window the ability to change settings?

And some crew would definitely say no.

American Airlines FAs tell you to close 767/777 windows on long-haul flights. For the 787, they just lock them to the darkest setting.

I never said that. I am suggesting you to ask them to unlock windows.

You don’t know what they’ll say, make them say no.

I never heard FAs forcing people to use the shades by the way.

When you said “give you back the control” I kinda assumed one person and not the entire cabin.

And yeah, honestly not sure which airlines enforce it but so far AA and Cathay Pacific seem to make passengers close windows for long-haul flights, especially ones that have daylight.

Last month from HKG-MEL we had just approached the northern area of Australia near Darwin and the sun was beginning to rise. I had my window halfway open and one of the FAs came by and told me to close it.

I’ve flown on them countless times and never had FAs tell me to close the window.