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The Official Norwegian Air Virtual Thread


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Welcome to Norwegian Virtual

Freedom to Choose

A Message from our CEO

Norwegian Air Virtual has been created to share good moments, create events, fly in groups and discuss about the Aviation today.
We in Norwegian have a whole Crew with good experience as Infinite Flight Pilots, our Founder is a real life pilot as given some Nice and good Information to our Pilots.
Pilot Dan

Norwegian Air Virtual has many things you don’t want to miss!
We are the 3rd best Low-cost airline in the world today and the best Low-cost long-haul airline, join us and carry passengers across the world, from US to Asia.

In March 2019 our fantastic Founder @Snower got the idea to make this VA. He was working alone and made a website and other documents and made a Application to the IFVARB. It gone a long time before our CEO today (@DL_FILM) was in contact with him and worked together before the aproval, not that far from our aproval Invited we a few other Staff members and helped us. We have been doing alot of upgrades since we begun on this VA eg: new Advanced Crew Center and a new Route Database and more…

IFC Name Name Job
@Pilot_Dan1 Daniel CEO
@Pilot_Waters Aidan Cheif Pilot
@JOSH_Byrne Josh Digital Marketing

The Fleet isn’t that big but Norwegian have one of the most modern fleet and have the most green fuel use over the Atlantic.

View our Fleet

The rank is calculated by your stats in the Crew Center. If you do not respect your rank you will be fired.

Rank Flight Time Aircraft What Route you can fly with 787
Trainee 0h B737, B787 Limited (see Website for Information)
Second Officer 15h B737, B787 Limited (see Website for Information)
First Officer 50h B737, B787 ANY
Captain 150h B737, B787 ANY
Commander 300h B737, B787 ANY


We organize Events with a rank. For example if you are Trainee your event rank is Bronze, that means you only can fly short Haul flight Events.
Your rank have the Event Rank.

Event Ranks
Rank Event Rank Flight Time
Trainee Bronze Event 0h
Second Officer Silver Event 15h
First Officer Silver Event 50h
Captain Gold Event 150h
Commander Gold Event 300h

In the Crew Center if you add /profile/view/02 to the URL you can see a pilot profile, the 02 is what callsign id it is. You will then see what Award you have or Flight Time Multipiler, you can altso just check out the Awards and find out what you have by your flight time

Award Rank Flight Time Flight Time Multiplier
Bronze Trainee 0h x0
Silver Second Officer 15h x1.2
Gold First Officer 50h x1.5
Jacob Schram Honary member Captain 150h x2
Commander Commander 300h 2.9x


We in Norwegian passionate about aviation and the Scandinavian countries. We want to share knowledge and have a good and fun time in Infinite Flight. At Norwegian we put fun and professionalism first. And we do things togheter not alone.
You seen us take off, and now is your chance to climb with us. It just makes everything easy, it’s fun and simple all the way around.


Norwegian is spending alot on our Routes!
We have 20 HUBs and over 800 Routes.
Click here to see our Route Databse (If you become a pilot for us, you will be Invited to our Route Database in the Airtable app because it is easier to navigate through).

Destinations and Flights right now!

In Real Life Norwegian have Bangkok International Airport and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport as HUB but it is so few Routes that we don’t use them as a HUB

Communcations- In Norwegian we communcate with the Slack app, it is very friendly and great to chat with.
Operations- Our operations is done with our Crew Center, and our Route Database is in the Airtable app. Our Crew Center have many advanced systems.


A few commands in our Slack:

  • To go to the Crew Center, write: /crew-center and tap on the link
  • To see the Ranks, write: /ranks and view it
  • To see the Awards, write: /awards and view it
  • To go to the addon website, write: /addon and tap on the link
  • If you want to go to the Website only write: /website and tap on the link

Norwegian Air Virtual Promo video | Freedom to Choose

This Virtual Airline is not affiliated in any way with Norwegian Air or other groups of the company. All logos belong to their respective owners.


amazing it if finaly out!


Is their any staff roles available at this time as i would be happy to help!


No, we have it since we have been Aproved in a while now.

Awesome looking thread guys!


Hey! Great thread guys! I just sent in an application can’t wait to be aboard:)

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I’ve applied looking forward to join this beautiful Norwegian

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I saw it, you are good enough to join but you just need to wait.

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Just looked at the thread again, this VA should get more pilots! I am so glad to be apart of the VA and the only one with Commander rank 😂😂


Nice and Clean thread !! Best of Luck for the new start :)


Remember me 😉
I have 400 hours

Yeah, but I mean if pilots lol not staff

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Oh, yeah, it’s nice to have you

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@Pilot_Dan1 lovely thread I hope I can join in the future when Applications are being accepted


We will soon, we had many applicants who we have contacted, but we need to get more of them to join before we open again


What are the requirements to join?

I don’t this we have any high requirements, I think it is just be mature and pass an entry exam. So it is just to apply I think.

We do not accept applications currently due to many people not responding to their application, we don’t want to get 10 people in at the same time if we open again

Altso the exams isn’t working any more

Ahh ok then

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