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IF Community,

I’m @CaptJackon, the Chief Executive Officer at Norwegian Air Shuttle VA Inc., and I am happy to announce that Norwegian VA is now accepting applications for Executive and Administrative positions. While the chairman @Captainphillps was COO at Norwegian, his predecessor sought to close the VA for “rebranding purposes”…Well, we both objected and I’m happy to announce that Norwegian VA will not be rebranding for the foreseeable future.

Norwegian VA is owned by an Executive Board which means everybody has a voice and ultimately a chance to lead the VA. We are accepting applications to our executive board now which includes:

[details=Executive Positions]

  • Chairman of the Board: (@Shawn_Coleman) 1st in Command and head of VA, the Chairman sets the agenda of the VA, ensures the will of the entire board is carried out and has the final say in the VA.

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO): (@CaptJackson) 2nd in command (and 2nd the line of succession to the Chairman) Will assist the Chairman by being the final decision maker at Norwegian Air Shuttle with the advice and consent of the Chairman. The CEO will ensure that the Chairman’s agenda is carried out and will run the VA in the absence of the Chairman.

  • Chief Information officer (CIO): (@edthomas123) 3rd in command ( and 3rd in the line of succession to the Chairman) Oversees and will appoint the Route Manager, Flight Logger, and IFVARB Representative.

  • Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO): (@MacGamer04) 4th in Command ( and 4th in the line of succession to the Chairman) Ultimately the signature of the CHRO will be the final signature needed to nominate (for the board’s consideration) any and all pilots, administrative staff, and nominees for Executive positions. Ceremoniously, The CHRO will announce (or report) all promotions to the VA at large.

  • Chief Communications Officer (CBO): This officer will appoint and oversee the Public Relations Officer, and Events Coordinator.

  • Chief Technology officer (CTO): Oversees all major technology aspects of the virtual airline, including website, Slack, and any other support needed with technology.[/details]

[details=Administrative Positions]

  • Route Manager: (@Balloonchaser) This Administrator manages and develops our VA routes based on the real world airline.

  • Flight Logger: (@CS_Aus_TB20GT) This Administrator will validate pilot flight logs. When a Pilot is ready ready for promotion this Administrator will report this to the CIO. This office will in turn report this to the CHRO Office who certify, report and announce the promotion to the VA.

  • IFVARB Representative: This Administrator will act as a liaison between the VA and the IFVARB.

  • Chief Pilot: The Chief pilot is the only Administrative position that requires confirmation by majority vote by the Executive Board. This Administrator will develop and train pilots to become more efficient pilots. This Pilot will represent the very best this VA has to offer. Therefore the Chief Pilot will provide our pilots with everything they need to represent their VA proudly when on duty. This Administrator is also our Chief ATC and must train any future VA Air Traffic Controllers accordingly.

  • Secretary: This Administrator will assist the CHRO by assisting him or her and the Chief Pilot as the CHRO deems appropriate. Also the Secretary is the Head of Investigations for the CHRO Office and reports to the CHRO and CEO only on those matters

  • Public Relations Officer: This Administrator will communicate to all VA’s seeking to collaborate in anyway on events.

  • Events Coordinator: This Administrator will create VA events and make sure our pilots have the most fun possible.

  • Web Designer This Administrator manages the website.

  • App’s Administrator: This Administrator manages the application at the direction of the CTO.[/details]

Please be advised that to be an executive you need to be at trust level two on the IF Community forum, be in good standing on the If Community forum, and also demonstrate prior VA leadership experience. However all are welcome to apply for our administrative roles such as the: Routes Manager, Flight Logger, IFVARB Representative, Chief Pilot, Secretary, Web Designer, and Apps Administrator.

If you would like to see more about how the executive and administrative boards work, check out the document below:

We realize that these are a lot of positions to fill, but we want to make sure that our pilots have everything they need to be successful in this VA.

Pilots that fly with us will enjoy lucrative benefits and specialized training here at Norwegian VA

Apply below on our website!


Best of luck from Star Travel Airlines :)


Thank you @_keithjames99


Good luck from United Virtual!

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Thank you @mattrich!


So are you going to be the CEO of Norwegian and Southwest? If you can’t I can take over Southwest

If you read the leadership document, CEO is actually 2nd in command, so I will be CEO at Norwegian and Southwest :)


Ok, what’s first in command?

The Chairman, held by @Shawn_Coleman


Can I be the event manager?

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Hi Community,

Thanks @CaptJackson for making that announcement. We were proud to welcome the CEO and founder of Infinite Airways @RTG113 as the Chief Communications Officer earlier today. @RTG113 was previously the event planner and as you can tell by his own professional VA he will do a great job in this role.

Myself and the team look forward to receiving and reviewing more applications in the comming weeks (within 48 hours of submission.)

Chairman of the Board
Norwegian Air Shuttle VA


Thank you for your interest in the VA, please sign up on our website through the application


Best of Luck from USCG VA. Looks interesting!


Thanks @Charles_Fosbroke we’ll call you if we need any water rescues!

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Sounds good. I hope for your sake, your pilots are well trained!


A) We are IFVARB backed and @JoshFly8 approved this because I’m not first in command here.
B) In my eyes website designer is not a staff position, in most cases I make the website, then have no further involvement with the VA


Great, continue on. I was just making sure. Good luck from myself and Virgin Atlantic Virtual!


Good luck from Lufthansa Virtual Airline


Good luck, looks like this VA has a good start and a well thought out plan! Am looking forward to seeing how this develops, especially with the routing!

With regards to routing, as Norwegian has both a 737 and 787 Hub based in Gatwick have you thought about routes in the London Region? also NOR flys from Pointe-a-Pitre up to JFK so you have options for both Caribbean and also New York region flights as well. Not sure on the Hawaii region flights though… but a nice area to fly in! :)


Best of luck from BA VA, try not to steal too many of our passengers ;).