Norwegian Air Shuttle VA

Hey, it’s the guy who had that Airberlin VA that lost its relevance after a while. I chose to make a VA closer to my heritage of Norway and am now setting up a Norwegian Air Shuttle VA.

The website will be up soon. Stay tuned!


Just a suggestion, make the website first. Then launch the va.


I’d wait for global to make this VA because we don’t even have Norway yet…


NAS has a big hub base at London Gatwick which flys to Europe as well as too East Coast US so good to set up I would say.


I wonder why it became so irrelevant… Maybe because you didn’t put any work into that VA… Anyway good luck with your new Virtual airline.😋


It would be nice if someone could get some HQ photos of the 737 and 787 for me.

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Why don’t you go take them yourself?

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The photo quality is low on my device.

Edit: I have just figured something, let me test it

Actually it was just rendering.

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Hope this one turns out successful!

Good luck with it!

I will send them to you . Do I direct message if to you

Hey when the website gonna be ready cos I want to apply?😜

RIP this probably, sorry. Got a lot of schoolwork coming up.

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Ok, but if this gets off the ground, I’d like to apply for a pilot.

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