Norwegian Air Moves All Flights From Oakland To San Francisco

Norwegian Air has announced it will move all flights from Oakland to San Francisco


  • Earlier this year, Norwegian Air moved its London Gatwick/Barcelona/Paris to Oakland flights to San Francisco.

Now, Norwegian will move its summer seasonal Oslo and Rome flights from Oakland to San Francisco, meaning Norwegian completely leaves Oakland Airport.

  • Oslo to San Francisco begin March 30, 2020 and will operate twice weekly.
  • Rome to San Francisco begins April 1, 2020 and will operate three times weekly.
  • All flights operated with the 787-9.

San Francisco Airport’s Director:

”We are thrilled that Norwegian has made SFO their airport of choice for the San Francisco Bay Area. With the addition of nonstop service to Rome and Oslo, travelers can enjoy our exceptional airport experience together with Norwegian’s fantastic values.”

Port of Oakland’s Director of Aviation:

“While we’re incredibly disappointed by the loss of an airline with which we share a close partnership, we reflect on the undeniable success we’ve experienced in establishing OAK as a large U.S. to Europe gateway and we have worked tirelessly to promote Norwegian’s service and to make it a “household name” here in the Bay Area. The phenomena of Norwegian at OAK has improved our visibility in the travel and aviation business worldwide.”

Oakland Airport has unfortunately lost a few flights with British Airways ending its London Gatwick flights a few years ago.

Oakland is now down to one Transatlantic flight: Azores Airlines to Terceira. However, I’m not sure if that flight will operate in 2020.

What do you think of this move?


Interesting 🤔
Oakland is the type of airport that Norwegian is perfect for it seems. Not a huge airport but close to a major metropolitan area. Maybe Europeans just didn’t know that they could fly into OAK to visit San Francisco 😂


I’m Norwegian myself, and I can assure you most Norwegians and probably Europeans do not know that 😂


Lol this may be the least aviation related reason for a complicated aviation move 😂

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They announced they’d begin moving their flights to San Francisco a while ago, which was pretty weird to me. They’ve slowly moved their flights to London and Barcelona, but Oakland is a low-cost airport and they’re competing with some large airlines when flying from San Francisco…

The London route is definitely one of the most competitive, if not the most, European route from San Francisco. British Airways flies their A380s, 777s, and 747s, United flies their 777s with Polaris, and Virgin Atlantic will begin sending their A350s along with a 787 service daily. And then there’s Norwegian, a low-cost airline with no true business class seating, and flying to Gatwick which I’m sure many non-avgeks haven’t even heard of. It does kind of make sense because SFO is the largest Bay Area airport, but the fees and everything must be a nightmare to handle.

They’ll be the only airline flying to Oslo though, because Alitalia is beginning flights to Rome, so that’ll definitely be something I’d like to try and see how it is.

They must be doing really well with San Francisco though, as they’ve added a bunch of destinations and now more! Interested to see how Oslo plays out though, because one thing for sure, Californians cannot handle the cold 🥶

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I personally didn’t see that coming!

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Neither did I! But I can guarantee one thing…

ol’ @BigBert10 will not be happy


Of course I’m not happy! 😡

I wish Norwegian could open up SJC service 😂

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I wish Norwegian opens RDU service @BigBert10

Definitely could be a possibility, as if San Francisco doesn’t work out, they could begin flying here… London is probably the only one that wouldn’t work for them though, and that’s because of British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and United all flying premium-heavy aircraft there from SFO.

The thing with those airlines is that it’s all SFO-LHR

Norwegian flies SFO-LGW

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Awww… Wish Norwegian didn’t move, it makes sense for them to be there and it helps OAK. KOAK being my closest large airport it’s sad to see them go.

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Gatwick isn’t that big of an airport, and while it has quite a few destinations, Heathrow has a lot more connections. Gatwick is more of an airport where you end your journey or begin it, kind of like San Jose, whereas Heathrow is for both connections and beginning/ending journeys. Besides that, Heathrow also serves major airlines from the 3 alliances. For example, I’ve flown from San Francisco to Delhi via Heathrow before on United and Air India, but you can’t fly that route via Gatwick because Air India doesn’t serve the LGW-DEL route.

Both airports have pros and cons, but I think if Norwegian didn’t get enough passengers flying to Gatwick from San Francisco because of all the connecting traffic from Heathrow, they could attempt to begin it from San Jose!

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That’s not too long after the Denver to Rome flight, on Norwegian might I add, starts up.

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It’s one day after. FCO-DEN begins on March 31.

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Usually if you search for flights to San Francisco it will include surrounding airports. (OAK, SJC, etc) same with flights to NYC from New Wark. Even sometimes as far as Ft. Lauderdale to Miami, so I don’t think that’s the reason…

Gatwick is a proper second tier reliever airport. It only looks small because it is positioned with the biggest. There are a lot of places you can connect to from Gatwick, sure, not as many as Heathrow, but still…

Gatwick doesn’t serve many airlines from the 3 alliances though, which was part of my explanation. Going back to the Air India example, you can’t fly that route because there aren’t many Star Alliance carriers flying into Gatwick, nor are there many SkyTeam because of British Airways. There aren’t that many international (outside of the European Union) carriers there either, besides the main ones which are TUI, Norwegian, and British Airways (other airlines do fly here like Cathay Pacific, but there aren’t that many compared to Heathrow).

Another big issue is bank timings. Heathrow has specific banks for flights to the West/East Coast, South America, Africa, and Asia. For example, there’s an Asian bank departing between 8 and 10:00 p.m., which is meant to for connections arriving early in the day. Another example is the East Coast bank, between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Gatwick on the other hand, has basically just 1 bank for all international flights, as most airlines only serve 1 destination compared to airlines like United, which flies 5/6 times a day between Newark and Heathrow itself.

Bold move opting to pay the higher landing fees most likely trying to fill up the Dreamliner outbound they were most likely not having the passengers numbers they wanted.

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The reason they don’t fill their seats because it is not Ryanair