Norwegian Air Argentina Sold To JetSMART

JetSMART has bought Norwegian Air Argentina



Norwegian Air Argentina currently operates a fleet of 3 737-800s and flies solely within Argentina.

  • Operations in Argentina were launched 14 months ago in October 2018.

Norwegian has now announced it will sell its Argentinian operation to Chilean JetSMART:

“As Norwegian moves from growth to profitability, we are taking all the necessary actions required to ensure that Norwegian is well-positioned going forward," states acting chief executive and finance chief Geir Karlsen.

  • JetSMART expects to take over the current routes operated by Norwegian Argentina.
  • Norwegian Argentina’s 3 737s will be returned to Europe for Norwegian to use in other operations.
  • The 737 fleet and Norwegian Argentina brand will be phased out by JetSMART and its A320s.
  • JetSMART will now own 10% of the Argentina domestic market.


What do you think of this deal? Has anyone flown Norwegian Argentina or JetSMART?


I though Norwegian operated bigger. Like with 787s.

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When they launched I had a hunch that subsidiary wouldn’t last long.

Interesting new - I like the JetSmart livery - it really suits the A320

They do but only in the UK and Scandinavian subsidiaries.

Aw, man. Now when I fly a Norwegian 737 in Argentina, people will think I’m an idiot :(

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