Norway’s short field operations

I have recorded, uploaded and added text (English) to a clip from the NRK-TV series «The impossible country» which is about Norway’s unique short field/STOL operations in the Northern part of Norway.

Plans about highways and railways were thrown away. But a former WW2 pilot got an idea after he visited Alaska.

Hope you find it interesting

The whole documentary found here


It looks very interesting and the images are beautiful 🇳🇴

Sadly, my Norwegian is a little bit rusty (and with rusty I mean that I don’t understand a word they say 😢)


You have to turn on subtitles 😊 Let me know if it works. It’s the first time I have added text to a YT video


Well… It’s in the first sentence of your post, I’d just need to open my eyes. Definitely a sign that it’s getting late. The subtitles work!

I love the video. It’s extremely fascinating to see how connected the Norwegian cities are thanks to aviation and to learn the history behind it. Your language is very interesting to listen to as well. When listening to it with the subtitles I actually recognize a couple words because they’re very similar to German.

And the images. It’s so beautiful. The snow, the mountains, the ocean, the sky, … Just wow. Honestly, Norway just climbed to the top of my travel bucket list over the last couple weeks. I’ve never been to the Nordic countries before (only the South of Sweden once).

Thanks for sharing Andre!


No worries!
I’m no translator, but hope the story was somehow understandable lol.
Yeah, we have some words which are similar to German. (Btw We learn German in school)

Yes, it can be nice here. But winter and the dark period(polar night) is long up north. Storms and bad weather. But for outsiders it can be exotic.


Thanks for taking to such great lengths on providing us this documentary!

I will watch it tomorrow, since it’s really late.

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