Norway’s new Police helicopters AW169

The two first of Norways new Police helicopters have finally arrived and were shown to the public today.

Photo: SS from video VG Nett

Leonardo Helicopters AW169

Range: 443 nm/4.5 hours

Engines: 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW210A

40 minutes «Run Dry» Certification. Main gear box can run for 40 minutes without lubrication.

MTOW 4600 kg

Capacity 10 passengers

In addition to SAR and other Police missions the new helicopters will also act as a fire platform for snipers.

Some of the equipment on board:

  • Enhanced vision/IR censors (Max-Viz 2300)

  • Night Vision (NVG)

  • Rappel equipment

  • Searchlight (TLX Trakkabeam)

  • Wescam MX15
    EO/IR-Camera for ISR – Medium-Altitude Covert Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance, SAR missions

The two 16 year old Airbus EC135 T2 which are of the ones with the most flight hours (10-15000 hours) in the world will finally be replaced.


I didnt know using a helicopter as a fire platform was a thing. Sounds like something from a movie


We had an act of terrorism here in 2011. Back then the old helicopters was not certified for sniper ops.

If we had operative and certified helicopters many lives could have been saved.

This became a thing here in 2011.

SWAT and military units abroad have used helicopters as firing platforms for many years.


The terrorist attack was at an island right?

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Yes, thats correct. Utoya Island.

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Stick a few Gatling guns and maybe a cannon on that thing and you should be good.

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A couple of M134 Miniguns are never wrong lol

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Actually, why stop there? We could probably throw some hellfire missiles on that thing too.

I will see how much dem bois cost. Norway, you gettin the greatest PD choppas of all time.

Okay. Did my calculations, it is going to cost us a cool $10,000,000. Do you want me to take out the hellfire missiles?


Shooting from a helicopter isn’t easy I actually was just on the phone with a guy who does that professional


I know. Downdraft, vibrations etc.
I guess they will use some kind of rig to compensate.
They will shoot sitting in a rotating seat positioned in the center of the helicopter/cabin.


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