Norway is flat!

Hi, why Norway north of Oslo is completely flat.
There is straight line just north of Oslo where all terrain is flattened!
I saw the same thing in celsium, it have something to do with?

Anything north or south of the 60 is entirely flat.
In other words anything above 60 degrees if flat due to no data and anything under -60 is flat to.


There’s actually a great blog post about this on our site, explaining it all. Read it and you’ll understand why :)


The question remains if Norway is really flat or not. One can argue that it’s not flat because in the real world you can go to Norway and see that it is not flat. However, what if our real world is just a simulation and Infinite Flight is our window out of the simulation? In that case Norway would be flat indeed. Now we can also take the multiverse theory into consideration. According to it, it could be entirely possible that there is a universe out there where Norway is flat. And maybe Infinite Flight is a projection of that universe but we all don’t know it yet. There are strange things going on. Strange things. For example: Infinite Flight has 14 letters. The 14th letter of the alphabet is “N” like Norway. Coincidence? I think not.

Or yeah, what Sebastian said.


Thanks. Of course this explains everything.
No I never encountered this blog, I’m to busy with landing issues 😃

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This is because the Earth is actually flat. #flatearthbois



Oh my god someone is finally smart.

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