Norway coming to life in 3D

Hey IFC! As you have seen from many other posts the scenery editors are now allowed to post wok in progress pictures of upcoming 3D airport. As you might have seen there is very few airports in the nordics and only 1 3D airport in Norway right now. Here is some that will come in a future update. Keep in mind some of these are in its very early stages and can take quite a while before is ready for release.

ENGM Oslo gardemoen airport by @Lawin_S

ENVA Trondheim Værnes airport by @Elefanths

ENSB Svalbard Longyearbyen airport by @Saharsh

ENRO Røros Airport by @Elefanths

ENFA Frøya Flatval airport by @Elefanths


These all look great!

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Its about time
Starting connecting flights to/from Oslo

YAAAAASSSSSSSSS! THANK YOU VERY MUCH 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰!! I am from Norway and was waiting for an airport, if not I would have made it myself if I was accepted to the IFAET.

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Yeah can’t wait for this airport! Although Lawin stated that it is still in its early stages so it will probably take some time until it is released

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And this is not the only ones in work;) can’t wait to get them released

Well patience is something I have a ton of

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Not to forget ENBR as the first released 3D airport of Norway in January.


Of course! But these are the unreleased airports :)

Thank you for your amazing work !
Can’t wait to see those beautiful airports coming to life :D

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Looking good. Make sure to add the #in-progress tag so that people can find these easier

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True, thank you!

Yes! Glad to see one of the best hub airports getting! Awesome work everyone!

Thank you mate!

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looks good! I think Helsinki should also be made 3D


Thank you! I definitely agree Helsinki is a very nice city and has a cool airport

I would really like to see ENTO Torp Sandefjord airport since I live in Drammen and it’s probably the nearest and my hometown airport!

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Wooowww beautiful pictures 😍😍 can’t wait to see my airport base ENGM ❤️


I’ve never been there, but flown there a few times in IF. Would be cool as 3D for sure!

Yeah ENGM will be nice as 3D!