Northwest Virtual Global Gala | Vol 2 | @ KSLC - 281400ZJUN18 | KSLC - PHNL


Northwest Virtual Global Gala

Join us as we continue our global journey from the remains our first leg we will be flying out from Salt Lake City and cruising into Honolulu! We hope to see you with us as we fly the horizon.

Leg Two:

Event Details:

Server: Training
Date: June 28th 2018
Region: United States

Flight Details

Route: (Subject to change): PECOP4 BAM SIGNA BEBOP R464 BITTA MAGGI3

ETE (Approx): 06:00

Aircraft (Recommended):



Note: All aircraft will be in use for this route


Concourse C:
Gate C1: @KingWings
Gate C2: @Ozzy
Gate C3: @drewmisk
Gate C4: @Pranay
Gate C5
Gate C6
Gate C7
Gate C8
Gate C9
Gate C10
Gate C11
Gate C12
Gate C13

Note: Date is subject to change, and more gates will be added if needed


Less than 4 days until Leg Two of our Global Gala!

Thanks to @drewmisk and @Pranay for signing up!

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