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Welcome to Northwest Virtual Airlines!

- Fly The Horizon -

Our Goal
Here at NWVA we strive to bring you to some of the most awe-inspiring places across the globe. We’ve fully opened our routes to fit customer demand! Our top priority is you, to fly in style and comfort!

Our Staff

Upper Management

-CEO:Kameron James (@KingWings )
-COO:Oscar Williams (@Ozzy)
HRO (Human Resources Officer): OPEN

Lower Management

-Flight Manager: Kevin Earley (@KevinEarley10)
-Events Manger: Josh Tedla (@J2S )
-Recruiter: Josh Tedla (@J2S)
-Media Manager: Micah Brackett (@turtlebiscut)
Chief Pilot: Jonathan Hutchison (@Aircraft_videos)
-Operations Manager: Louie Peach (@Louie)

Our Fleet
Northwest Aircraft
-Boeing 747-200
-McDonnell Douglas DC-10
-Boeing 757-200
-Airbus A319
-Embraer E175
-CRJ200 (When Released)

Delta Aircraft (Not Affiliated with DLVA!)
-Boeing 747-400
-Boeing 767-300
-Airbus A330-300
-McDonnell Douglas MD-11
-Boeing 787-800

Our Ranks
Northwest Aircraft

First Officer: E175 (0:00 Hours Required)
Captain: A319, CRJ900 (5:00 Hours Required)
Senior Captain: Boeing 757-200, McDonnell Douglas DC-10 (20:00 Hours Required)
Commercial First Officer: Boeing 747-200 (60:00 Hours Required)

Delta / Korean Aircraft

Commercial Commander: Boeing 767, (100:00 Hours Required)
Commercial Senior Commander: McDonnell Douglas MD-11, A330, Boeing 787-800
ATP First Officer: Boeing 747-400
ATP Captain: Boeing 747-8, Airbus A380,

Our Routes
We have many routes that you can view either at:

I would like to remind everyone that NWVA has incorporated Delta aircraft in their fleet for realism, we are in no way affiliated with DLVA.



Staff Update

We want to welcome new staff roles, and new staff members! @J2S has taken over as events manager and recruiter. We also want to give a warm welcome to @VAnuj on fitting our HRO position. @VAnuj will be a key member to NWVA, as he is in upper management. So glad these positions are filled, thanks everyone!


Our Stats

At Northwest Virtual, we have come a long way in just three months! Let’s take a look at how much we’ve grown:

Total Member Count: 15
Total Flights: 50
Total Flight Time: 605:37
Total Miles: 109,745 mi


Sent in my application

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Great’ can’t wait to have you


Staff Update (Continued)

We have terminated two staff positions at NWVA, or rather merge them, we have eliminated our recruiter and events manager posistion, and decided to add these responsibilities to HRO. So we want to thank @J2S as he has taken over as HRO. So glad this crucial position is finally filled. Stay tuned for a big upcoming surprise…



Aircraft Changes

Northwest isn’t an exclusive VA, we are a family. We want to make ourselves well known, and highly seen as VA. So as this is our last announcement, before a major overhaul, we will be creating a line of executive aircraft, on executive routes. These will be coming from our internal and very new Horizon GA Club, and through to delta aircraft. Expect to see a totally new and different NWVA within the next month or so! Can’t wait for all you great pilots to come and fly the horizon!


New Alliance!

After a successful partnership with Korean Air Virtual, NWVA has joined a brand new alliance: GlobeCast Virtual. We are more than excited to be member, and can’t wait to fly with our partners at GCVA. As all this is happening NWVA will still be accepting applications during our one-month revamp, hope we avoid any inconveniences.


Overhaul Update

Northwest Virtual has been a bit quiet lately, but we have been quite busy lately. i apologize on behalf of NWVA for lack of updates, but we are just about 75% done with our HUGE update to the VA’s run. We hope all you amazing pilots consider joining NWVA, and the fun stuff we have planned to grow as a VA, and as a family,