Northwest USA Region

I was wondering about making a Northwest Region? It could have airports from Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Canada. That’d be awesome

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People have already suggested Canada

There a rest many major airports here and it won’t be near the top of the Devs’ wishlist for regions.

There’s not much up there and of the few sizable airports, they are spaced quite a bit far away from each other. Certainly may happen someday but not soon IMO.

Alaska has sizable airports and not to far apart and with the way the weather is up here and the mountains i think it would make a great new region 😁

concentrate you into Dubai or Switzerland… If a new region can come the next months, its probably Dubai and Switzerland, because its the most popular regions requested (official source!)

I Agree sir!

As you can see in infinite flight there a so many American regions. I believe we need to give America a rest a create a different Region somewhere else.

Don’t get me wrong though Northern America would be fantastic but there are already so many American regions already.