Northwest to Seattle (A rare 747-200!)

Hi all! Last night I flew from Santiago, Chile to Seattle. Flight time was 12 hours and 4 minutes, while the gate to gate time was 12 hours and 26 minutes. I utilized the Northwest Boeing 747-200, because why not, it’s the Queen of the Skies! Enjoy the photos!
The first few are intentionally dark since I was using real time.
My journey took me out of Santiago, flying over the Galápagos Islands, Mexico, Arizona, Southwest Utah, Nevada, Eastern Oregon, and finally Washington.

Photo 1: Sitting at the gate in Santiago, while preparing for the long flight to Seattle

Photo 2: Leaving the ground at Santiago, the local time was 1:29 A.M. so most of the passengers were trying to sleep.

Photo 3: Banking over sleepy Santiago

Photo 4: Good Morning! The sun rises over The Valley of the Sun, while we fly over Phoenix, Arizona.

Photo 5: Passing Prescott, Arizona, home to ERAU Prescott, and hopefully, my future college!

Photo 6: While on decent into Seattle, we catch the spectacular Mount Rainer.
Photo 7: Here’s me on short final squashing an Alaska A320 bound for Portland.

Photo 8: Are you sure I’m in Seattle? Looks like I’m north of the border actually 😂

Photo 9: Here’s a special treat, this is one of the best airline relationships ever, Northwest and KLM, even celebrated with a special decal on the Northwest plane.

Photo 10: Here’s the airline that merged with Northwest, and that we can still celebrate this once great airline.

Thank you all for viewing these, and have a nice rest of your day. You can share below any nostalgic memories you have (if any) with Northwest :)


Very cool! Maybe the first three pics could use some brightness, but other than that there awesome, love the pic with the KLM tail 😃😍


Great photos there, the tail photos are the best. Just awesome!


Thanks! The dark shots were intentional.

Thank you!