Northwest Orient Airlines 747-200

This is a long forgotten livery from when Northwest (at the time Northwest Orient) was going more or less, a fully jet aircraft fleet. The livery gives us the classic “Red Tail” unofficial slogan that many of us Minnesotans fondly remember, as the tail at that time was solid red. I hope you guys like this classic as much as I do!
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It looks so bad. It looks like they wanted to paint it white but ran out of white paint, then realized they had some black paint so they tried to keep covering it up. Then they ran out of black and had just enough red to paint the tail and write northwest on it.


Have you seen the old American Airlines livery?

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And I thought AA’s old livery had too much chrome…
This one is over the top!


That is absolutely repugnant…

I’m sorry but this isn’t really a very nice livery at all. Like @Kevin_Potthast said, it looks like they ran outta paint.

But I like the newer Northwest livery.

instead of bashing the livery right out the door and offering nothing else with it, why not offer some support or have some understanding? yeah the livery isnt the greatest but its still another livery to add. and to be able to fly an other historical livery on more historical routes… that would be just fine by me.

i get it, you all are just sharing your opinion. but keep in mind that this was an older time where liveries were much simpler in design.

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Hahahaha fun livery would be funny to see that thing fly!😂

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