Northwest Orient 757-200

I wanted to request this livery because I like retro liveries and I also enjoy Northwest’s old livery. Personally, I’d like to see this added to the 757-200. I didn’t find any other topics regarding this airline livery, but if this a duplicate, you can close it.

Picture belongs to Ted Quackenbush.
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oh my GOD I would love to see this in game! Shame there are no other Northwest Orient liveries in game (or just the regular Northwest chrome-ish livery), not even on the DC-10! Voted!


Thank you for your support!


I would absolutely love to see this iconic livery on the 757


Thanks for supporting!

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Any Northwest livery would be nice!

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Bumping! :)

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Looking at the new guidelines and rules surrounding livery requests, would this livery request still be allowed?

Of course it would be! Northwest was a major airline!😀

I have a feeling this would mame IF more better…

We did use to have a Northwest livery in IF, but they didn’t bring it back with the rework. ☹️