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Northwest Horizon

Northwest Horizon is a branch of Northwest Virtual, meaning that this is not a new VA, just a new major part (and initiative) of NWVA. Northwest Horizon is they very source that makes NWVA more realistic than ever, it’s based for our passengers, so that booking is easier than ever, and a brand new rewards system is here!


Our SkyMiles are a great way to earn upgrades, rewards, and fun prizes with Northwest Virtual! What makes our SkyMiles different you ask? Well after you sign up and fly a minimum of five flights that will then make you a Northwest Primary member, not only are you a full-fledged member of the Northwest family, but you’re put first. Now, at Northwest Virtual, we prioritize all our passengers, but the Northwest Primary program is just our way of thanking you guys for supporting us in our new beginnings as a VA! All of this passenger initiative has to be organized somehow right? Well it most definitely is! We have opened our own phpVMS (big thanks to @Artem_F) to keep track of our pilots, fleet, PIREPS, and upcoming flights! (It’s really just a VA news hub)

Check It Out!

You guys can go sign up to be Northwest Horizon Members here:\

Reminder: Northwest Horizon is affiliated with Northwest Virtual Airlines, as a subgroup.

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I agree with @Kirito_77. Would be nice to have everything in one place, but it is your va and it does look interesting. Best of luck!

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