Northwest DC-10 Bowling Shoe Livery

This Northwest DC-10, with the old livery, would be so nice to have as well!
I love the huge cockpit windows of this aircraft. And look at that wing flex!
I took this one back in 2004.

I changed the picture. Only allowed one and this one looks much better than the one of the DC-10 I flew to NY with.


Dam that looks nice

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Ohhh looks nice

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Just beautiful!

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Im sure @Mark_Denton is asking for this, if the DC10 ever gets added.


The bowling shoe livery is the best livery NWA ever had!

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I didn’t know that is what it’s called! :)

We need this, we have so few northwest livery’s and they look great on this plane.

Remember that we have Mark. He’ll have this one covered.


Must need love it

love to see this

I AM IN! they used to be at KDTW all the time.

Mark would be proud if this is added :)

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Your livery request has been looked at and the devs have answered your request with action! The Northwest Livery for the DC-10 has been added for the upcoming MD-11/KC-10/DC-10 Update

Thanks for your great feature request!