Northwest Airlink Saab 340

This is my opinion a great livery on the Saab 340. Northwest operated these planes from Minneapolis and I think Detroit.
A Northwest Airlink Saab 340 takes off from an unkown airport [N407XJ] not my photo
(This image will be in here, just look for this exact picture)


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That’s almost a must have if we get the Saab 340 in the sim

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Love that Northwest Livery

Ah, I like it, the Saab 340 is the plane I want most to join the IF Fleet!😎🇦🇺

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What a great request! Would also love Rex on this.

Mark denton would Love this. @Mark_Denton

If we got the Saab 340, there would be so many more possibilities for VA’s!

What a cute little thing!

I will neither confirm or deny such allegations. Hahaha
But I will say that I may or may not have loaded/unloaded, worked on, marshalled, towed, taxi, flown jumpseat many times, have almost an hour of stick time in the NW (Airlink) Saab 340 A/B models.

The first pic may or may not be me at GPT several years ago and may or may not be posted on my Instagram page.

The second pic may or may not be a pic from postcard pics that I may or may not have got my hands on while working there.


Wait what?? I did not understand what you just said…

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What do you not understand?


He said he piloted the Saab for NW and did all the ramp work for NW for the Saab

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ohhh, ok. I did not know that, now I understand :). Sad Northwest merged, used to see them here in Manchester, NH


Normally features get redundantly annoying, but I really like this one.