Northwest Airlink Jet Routes

Northwest Airlink was the name of Northwest Airlines’ regional service, operating from hubs to small and medium-sized cities. Growing up in Michigan, NWA CRJ-200s were a common sight at my local airport. These flights connected to Detroit (KDTW) and Minneapolis-St. Paul (KMSP), both major Northwest hubs.

Detroit Hub (KDTW)

Minneapolis-St. Paul Hub (KMSP)

With all the excitement surrounding Infinite Flight 18.4, I located some Northwest Airlink schedules from the past. I used the information to create route maps for both Midwest hubs. Hopefully, this will be helpful to those fans of the CRJ-200 wishing to recreate regional flights in the livery of this classic airline.

(Note: Maps reflect jet routes, and were created with Great Circle Mapper.)


So are you referring to #real-world-aviation, or #live?

If you are wanting to give specific liveries then post them there! :)

I was giving some history of Northwest Airlink, and, at the same time, providing route maps for reference. I suppose it could be moved if the consensus is that’s where it belongs.

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I mean you could keep the routes here, but just request them to be added on the topic. :) But the overall choice is up to you.

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Great information @W4RRI0R, would be cool to see some events based upon this info you’ve brought into the forum. The 200 is a great aircraft to do these with!


So great to this Northwest Airlink Info! (Pssst… super handy to NWVA)

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In its heyday, Northwest Airlink operated a mixed fleet of 86 aircraft and served 64 destinations, including an additional hub in Memphis (KMEM). Remnants of their fleet became part of Delta Connection after the DAL merger in 2008.

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