Northwest Airlink CRJ900

I have searched for this particular aircraft in the Northwest Airlines livery, and none came up.

It would be the greatest addition to Infinitely Flight by adding this Northwest Airlink CRJ900. Northwest merged with Delta back in 2010, and in my opinion, they had a very nice and simple livery.


I used to see these all the time at KMSP, it’s a great livery for sure! Voted.


I usually saw their Airbus A319’s and A320’s here in Manchester, NH. They’d occasionally bring in a CRJ900 from Detroit though.


Bumping this, This would look awesome on the CRJ900 :)

With all these CRJ - Liveries Requests, i’m guessing their going to rework the entire fleet ? Anyways, I enjoy NW! Looks good

Yes, they’re revamping the CRJ model and adding all the variants with it, so vote on liveries you think fit :)!

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I think this livery still has a chance to be featured on the upcoming CRJ update. I really love the last livery Northwest used before the merger, so I thought I’d bump this for anyone to see and vote :)


Make sure to verify tthat for your own request btw

Nice livery though!

@Daniel_Cerritos, congratulations on having this feature request confirmed!

IF 18.3, here we come! :D