Northwest AirLink CRJ-900(Livery at the time of merger)

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Hello there, And Welcome to my first ever feature request here goes nothing
I would like to see the NorthwestCRJ In the upcoming update because this aircraft was such a vital piece to Northwest Airlink as well Delta connection after the merger. as a very reliable aircraft to go short distances this livery suits this aircraft well
About the CRJ900:
The Northwest CRJ900 was used by the Operator mesaba airlines while with its time with northwest
The CRJ900 is a stretched 76–90 seat version of the CRJ700. The airplane is based on the CRJ200 series with a few improvements. This aircraft directly competes with the Embraer 175but according to bombardier the CRJ900 is more fuel efficient. This aircraft has since been improved and has stretched to the CRJ1000
About its time with Northwest
This aircraft was used on many 45min-2 and a half hour flights with its time with northwest airlink the CRJs from northwest currently still fly with delta connection to this day
Thanks for checking out my Request hope you enjoy

It’s a nice idea. You’ve got my vote

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Thanks so much for the vote

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Can you please tell me where you found out that this was confirmed?

via Infinite flight Twitter it’s the bowling show CRJ200

I would’ve liked to see the northwest livery at time of merger but I’ll take it

Thats a Northwest Crj-200 not the CRJ-900

I know but I don’t want to bother FDS I’m sure since they have it on the 200 they aren’t going to put it on the 900

Hello there!

This is a duplicate.


That is not detailed it just shows a picture

Who knows, maybe it can find its way into IF


You know what you are right I’m going to keep this open and hopefully it does


I’m sure @Mark_Denton would love this plane in IF tho

I would like to see this in the game.

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We need this livery on the crj, there aren’t enough new Northwest liveries, only the bowling shoe
I like the modern livery so much more


agreed this livery is a MUST

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Yeah, for some reason, the only Northwest liveries being added are the old ones

i just hope this finds its way into infinite flight

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Last reply was like 1.5 years ago. He can make a new one