Northwest Airlines “NWA” Airbus 319

Northwest Airlines was a major American airline, with extensive domestic and vast international routes from hubs in large American cities, including Detroit, Minneapolis, and Memphis. Northwest was the sixth largest carrier in the world and was most prominent in Pacific routes, carrying more passengers across the ocean from the U.S. than any other carrier. Northwest even had a hub in Tokyo Haneda and Narita, as well as Amsterdam Schiphol. Northwest merged with Delta Airlines in 2010, to become one of the largest airlines in the world.

Northwest’s final livery was used for seven years. The branding was abbreviated as “nwa” and featured an all pearlescent grey fuselage. The tail sported a red coat with the redesigned logo.

Northwest was the largest operator of the A320 in the U.S. and correspondingly had interest in the shorter 319. Northwest used the type to replace its DC-9 fleet and used a huge number of aircraft, 57 at the time of its merger. The A319 was used significantly across the U.S., commonly on short flights from hubs to other destinations. On winter seasons, Northwest used the type on flights to the Caribbean and Central America.

Northwest even used the aircraft out of Tokyo Narita to smaller Asian destinations, including Busan, South Korea and Kaohsiung, Taiwan. As a result, the NWA 319 was a constant sight across the United States and even Asia!

The “NWA” livery would add to the Northwest fleet in Infinite Flight. As the last livery used, it presents the freshest style of the famous carrier. Sadly, there is only one aircraft with this livery in the game right now. With the removal of this livery from the B757, the feasibility of using Northwest has been seriously reduced. Only the CRJ-900 has this paint job, and its operations are extremely niche. The addition of this livery would be welcome to greater American destinations and interesting Asian flights!

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Credit by Frankie

Here’s an NWA 319 taking off at KMSP!


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