Northwest Airlines (NW) A330-300 N805NW

*The A330 will allow us to both grow our revenues and lower our costs. The A330 will equip Northwest with the customer comforts and amenities necessary to compete for today’s sophisticated international traveler, and simultaneously enable Northwest to take another important step to contain our costs through reduced operating expenses and expanded fleet commonality." Richard Anderson, Northwest Airlines CEO in 2001

*** The fuel-efficient, wide-body Airbus A330 was the first new aircraft type added to the Northwest Airlines fleet in 14 years, when its cousin, the A320 made its arrival. Northwest purchased the A330 to enhance Atlantic and Pacific region services. The new airliner brought range, capacity, economics and amenities to improve existing international operations using Boeing 747 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 aircraft.***

The A330-300 was one of Northwest’s long haul aircraft’s doing services between routes like, DTW-AMS and PDX-NRT. I believe this livery has a special place in everyone’s heart, this design is one of the best for the 2000’s. I’m surprised that there’s no liveries for any good quality liveries for long haul aircraft, the 757 version doesn’t even have the right official logo. I also believe as an idea to release this livery with another pack of more A330 liveries. As a fan of NWA I think every NW fan’s and former flyer’s would love seeing NWA fly again in Infinite Flight! A330-300 NW (Also livery developers please try your hardest to have the right logo asset’s for it!)

Only one photo per feature request, please. ;)

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Whoops, sorry!

Your only allowed to include one photo in #features, however, if mods/staff think it is acceptable to show more than one angle of the livery then you can have two. Pick the picture you think looks the best and highlights what your trying to get added into IF!

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With the upcoming rework, I think some Northwest would be a very nice addition. NWA was the airline I flew most as a kid, and I would love to see the A330 added to the fleet.


I also really hope this gets added if the A330 is reworked next. I’ve flown on this plane several times from MSP to Amsterdam.

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Just voted for this livery!! Miss NWA!