Northwest Airlines DC-10


Trijet my favourite, in such a sexy livery just perfect


That is seriously a gorgeous aircraft. If they put that in IF I would buy it no doubt 👍🏼


Prefer the old livery because of the genius logo they had.

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I prefer this livery. Thank you @Embraer190 for posting this

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What’s with the obsession with this aircraft lately?

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No worries:)

Ive been obessed with Dc-10s and md-11s since i was 5 lol

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The #2 engine always looked out of place.


Wonderful livery! But I like the DC-10 in the old livery.

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Nooo thats what made it so awesome!!!

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Perhaps if it had an afterburner or functioned like a JATO!

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I’ve never understood why airlines didn’t purchase the MD-11 more than they did. Possibly due to the spotty safety record of the DC-10? I’m a huge fan of both.

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Wasn’t necessary to. Their old DC-10’s were still chugging along and by the time those expensive D-Checks came around, the 777 and A330 were doing practically everything the MD-11 did.

Looks good!

Awesome livery (one of my favorites) and aircraft! Would love to see it in IF

Of course we need this!! I always used to fly them and whenever we went to India, this was one of the planes we took

I remember seeing long lines of red Northwest DC-10 tails above the highway heading to MSP. As a small kid in 19 mumble mumble mumble, I was enraptured by those birds!


I would love to see that funky Northwest/KLM livery!

McDonnell Douglas DC-10: NWA DC-10-30. Posted on Facebook.


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