Northwest Airlines CRJ-200

Hey guys,
Today, I have another CRJ Rework request, the Northwest Airlines’ CRJ-200. To date, (Source: Wikipedia) Northweat had 142 CRJ-200 until merging with Delta. I hope this request is a good one!

Source for Image:

Wow would I love to see this livery. Let me clear some votes so I can vote here :)

Make sure to vote for your own request ;)

Yes, very yes. Northwest all the way!

Now I’m thinking of Mark Denton… Seems whenever he’s there for a new update, a NWA livery’s gonna get added, mainly in the Bowling Shoe style. I’m keeping a watchful eye on this one.


I like it, and I‘m almost sure it’ll come, as @Nate_Schneller said 😂


Congratulations! This livery is coming with the upcoming CRJ rework! Thanks for your feature request! 😊


I’m sure Mark is jumping for joy like a kid in a candy shop. Good request and another one in the books.