Northwest Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-200F (Final Livery)

Credit: The End of an Era – Around the Pattern

Here I present to all of you an aircraft that has been used to haul Cargo for Northwest Airlines Cargo ops.

Northwest Airlines operated their own Cargo Operations under the Northwest cargo brand, and utilized 15 Boeing 747-200F aircraft. These aircraft were used to serve locations not served by the airline itself, but by the Cargo variant of the airline itself. Most were painted in the Original Metal livery with the old Northwest tail (Seen in the Background), while some were updated to the more Modern Livery they had on all their other aircraft.

This particular aircraft, N643NW, was delivered to Northwest Cargo on May 21, 1999, and wore a special “Pacific Trade” Livery. This aircraft was then painted into what you see in the photo.

On October of 2008, N643NW was transferred to Delta Air Lines, in which they didn’t need a Freighter and decided to Scrap the plane on December of 2009.

I hope this livery get’s added if they ever decide to implement the Boeing 747-200F alongside the current Boeing 747-200 that’s in Infinite Flight.

@Mark_Denton - Make it happen! :P


One of my most favourite liveries is this one!

God yes…still surprised the last Northwest livery isn’t on the DC-10

Looks stunning