Northwest Airlines Airbus A330-300

I remember seeing these at Boston-Logan when I was a kid. It would be nice to see these in the sim, as well.


Nice! The A330 could certainly use more liveries such as this one!


I used to see these in Atlanta when I was little :)
This is a must

Wonderful! Btw, that arrow is pointing south😂 Although it’s located in the northwest part of the circle.


That could be argued cause it’s more of a symmetrical triangle so which way is it really point but I love the livery

@Mark_Denton maybe one more to add to the collection?

It wouldn’t make much sense to add it now. It’d be better to add it if the A330 got a rework.

We definitely need this livery

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This remembers me from back in the old days in Amsterdam with the DC-10’s and A330-300. It was very sad to see them go.

Dude… it looks amazing!

Would you at least give some photo credit?

May I suggest the link to the photo?if yes then File:A330-300 Northwest Airlines N805NW.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

It does Looks good !

I cannot. The photo credit rule was established a few months after I made this topic.

Plus, I can’t edit the topic anymore. :)

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New topic coming.