Northwest Airlines 787-8

In 2006, Northwest Airlines ordered the 787-8 from Boeing and expected to have it delivered in 2008. Sadly, however, due to financial struggles during the recession, they asked Boeing to push the date back to 2009. Then Northwest couldn’t even keep itself afloat, much less buy 18 new 787s. Delta then bought the Minneapolis-based carrier, and originally kept the order, but pushed it back even further. There were even scale models of the Northwest 787 mass produced! Recently though, Delta has decided to cancel the order for the 787. In Infinite flight, however, the Delta 787-8 can be seen and used. I believe that the Northwest 787 livery should either be added, or should replace the Delta 787 currently seen in IF. I personally think Northwest’s livery looks amazing on the 787, and if Northwest had survived, we would’ve seen these in the skies very often. Don’t forget to vote!

This looks NICE!! I have no votes, sorry

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You could always clear up a vote… ;)


I think Mark would love this, as it would be a glimpse into what Northwest could have been in the future.


I don’t nessarly agree with getting rid of the Delta livery, but good idea, sadly out of votes :(


I’d vote but not enough interest. I could put it to something that might actually get added instead

Northwest is defunct, so no need of having it there. Also Delta livery should be taken down since Delta opted for the A359

No interest in adding non-existing liveries, sorry

So why do we have the Northwest A319, CRJ200/900 and E175. I get the DC-10 and 747-200 since they are classic planes but in your way of putting it why do we have their newer planes?

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Look it’s not very realistic to fly stored/scrapped/transferred aircraft in IF. I know they are classic but remember most planes’ liveries here in IF are still from at least 5 years ago. Think about how much has aviation changed within just 5 years.

This would be a good addition. To everyone saying “it’s non-existent!”, look at the A380. How about the XCub, the TBM? Anything with an Infinite Flight or non existent livery? Why not add it? Some may love to use it and maybe a Northwest VA would like to.

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Believe me I’d want this livery but with only 2 votes there is no way anyone would add it. Plus I’m guessing most people dont even know we have Norhwest. They’re too caught up in the big ones like American, British Airways, Delta, Emirates etc.

That’s surprising and a cool looking livery for Northwest! Great choice when flying in longer distances in the beautiful Dreamliner. I am out of votes but let’s hope (along with other 787 liveries) to be added some time soon!