Northwest Airlines 747-400

Hey guys here is a new livery that I am surprised it hasn’t been requested
Credit: Wikipedia

Why this should be added reason #1 northwest was one of two operators operating the 747-400 In America and the only other livery is the delta livery which is basically northwest
Reason #2 if this gets added there would only be one more needed northwest liveries
Let me know what u think

Huh that isnt true Delta did and United too.

I think these may be the same. May be a different livery though. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Delta got the 747’s from northwest

Can you close the other one I don’t know how
It has not been replied to in a while

I cannot, but a moderator will see this and be happy to close it up. Be sure to go vote for that one if you would like to see it added!