"Northwest 747 Heavy, climb FL380"

The colorful Northwest Boeing 747-200 seen on its way from Jeju Intl. to Hong Kong Chep Lap Kok on ES.

Some info about N638US, the aircraft shown here:

Model : 747-230B
Delivered : 1986 to NWA as new
Seats : 430, configuration F30Y400
Engines : 4 Pratt&Whitney JT9D-7R4G2, Thrust 4x 54,750 lb
Range : 6758 Nautical Miles/ 12700 km/ 7900 Statute Miles
Speed : Cruise speed Mach .84/ 555 Mph at 35,000 ft
Max take : 833,000 lbs/ 374,850 Kg
off weight
Max Fuel : 52,410 US Gal./ 199,158 Litres


That are awesome pictures! I like how you made it look unreal!

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Lol i thought through the filters it would look more real as it shows the effects of the dirty parts of the aircraft… but maybe the opposite is the case :)


I absolutely love the first picture! Great work editing!

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Lovely post & pics.
Is it me, or are you still fairly high to be flying with the gear down?


Epic! Looks even better with the gear lowered!

How did you get the gear tilt in the second pic? It adds a lot to the realism of the shot.

The gear is still deploying. Making it look like gear tilt but none the less the photos are beautiful

The second picture really portrays what you were aiming for!

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The wing landing gear actually tilts:


thats actually the approach into Hong Kong ;)

I wonder why it was delivered at that time…
Maybe it should be 1975. aNyHoo, I like the pics and stats.
I might try that one time…

You sir are amazing at editing, I can’t reitirate this enough

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Uuuaaaooo que detalles lindas fotos muy cerca a la realidad


Gracias, Me alegra que te guste