Northrop Tacit Blue

I saw this plane in person recently and it must be the weirdest plane I’ve ever seen! image

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I like this.

Perfect for Area 51. @AR_AR, your opinions?


Pretty cool!

Yeah! It would be a great plane to fly into there!


Mankind manages to make a life sized paper airplane, and yes, it flies farther than you think.


We need to add this to Infinite Flight. Right. Now.

I believe there was only one ever built. It still amazes me that it’s square and it flies.

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Looks cool!

We need this flying Pop-Tart. Now. Enough said.

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demonstrator aircarft = a no from me :(

I’m personally not a fan. Sorry.

You don’t like the rectangular shape? I guess not everyone can like this lovely plane ;)

😁 How exactly is it aerodynamic? I’ve just never been crazy about experimental aircarft, that’s probably why it’s not for me. Has an interesting look though.

If this highly ultra cool plane is added, KXTA traffic will be:

Callsign Aircraft ETE

Navy 1 Tacit Blue 00:05
Navy 2 Tacit Blue 00:06
Navy 3 Tacit Blue 00:07
Navy 4 Tacit Blue 00:08
And this continues until:
Navy 999999999999999999999999999999 Tacit blue 1e+30:00