Northrop Grumman RQ-4 Global Hawk

An interesting idea to maybe add some RPA aircraft

General Characteristics
Primary function: high-altitude, long-endurance ISR
Contractor: Northrop Grumman (Prime), Raytheon, L3 Comm
Power Plant: Rolls Royce-North American F137-RR-100 turbofan engine
Thrust: 7,600 pounds
Wingspan: 130.9 feet (39.8 meters)
Length: 47.6 feet (14.5 meters)
Height: 15.3 feet (4.7 meters)
Weight: 14,950 pounds (6,781 kilograms)
Maximum takeoff weight: 32,250 pounds (14628 kilograms)
Fuel Capacity: 17,300 pounds (7847 kilograms)
Payload: 3,000 pounds (1,360 kilograms)
Speed: 310 knots (357 mph)
Range: 12,300 nautical miles
Endurance: more than 34 hours
Ceiling: 60,000 feet (18,288 meters)
Armament: None
Crew (remote): three (LRE pilot, MCE pilot, and sensor operator)
Initial operating capability: 2011 (Block 30); 2015 (Block 40)
Inventory: active force, 33 (three more Block 30s purchased, to be fielded in 2017)

(Current as of October 2014)

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Nice request! Would vote but I’m out of votes. IF could use some more military planes


I love the armed forces but IMHO the introduction of drones might lead to requests for Radio Controlled aircraft. Best of luck with your request. Gentle Regards


Adding a remote piloted vehicle probably isn’t going to be the easiest thing to implement.


Worth a shot though, I am applying to become an enlisted pilot to fly this bad bird. Be awesome to see it someday in IF. Cheers!


No cockpit to model lol just camera mode.

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Let’s avoid using caps in titles. It looks unprofessional and messy. I’ve edited it out for you.



It, in my opinion, doesn’t sound very appealing though, why would I want to fly in this? I would prefer something like the A10 which has the cockpit modeled.


My apologies on that, and thanks for the save. Cheers!

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A10 remodel I would love also, but this is just an idea to think outside the normal box so to speak, of the aviation scope. I’d fly for its capabilities its a long haul survailance platform. But again just a neat idea to think about for those interested.


Yeah, I don’t have a problem with it, it just isn’t something I would be voting for in the near future.


I respect that, happy landings bud Cheers!


Great idea it’s about time we get some of the latest military aircraft!!!

Eh, it’s cool in real life but I don’t see anyone using it in IF. Like another user said I think the A-10 needs to be worked on.

@Asneed8706… MaxSez: Not a piloted aircraft or a recognized entity within the civil ATC System, . not sure it qualifies for inclusion.
If Rotary Wing don’t make the cut why would a pilotless Drones? Rather than flag this, since there are 2 votes let’s ask an expert before the flood of balloons, autogyros, power parasails etc. Features come flooding in. @MishaCamp or @Carson What say you?

Looks like a valid request. However, due to the nature of the thing being requested, I’m not sure how probable it is that this will be added. Maybe when we’re out of ideas, we’ll add drones.

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Again I can respect that, no rush here especially since I might be piloting this bird by end of next year lol.

I am just going to bump this topic a bit…
The wingspan… holy cow. The cruise ceiling and cruise time!!! That’s enough to make me want this!

She’s a big girl and she does her job well.

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me: I will revive you

This really needs a bump :)
Just imagine flying around drones in IF ! Would be awesome ✈️

Additionally, this think is huge !!


And everyone who likes long wings and wing flex is completely right here :))


Thanks !