Northrop Grumman outfits CRJ 700 for EW Test Bed Aircraft

So I’m looking through Google for CRJ-XXX pics and found a bunch of pics from plane spotters who got some cool shots and videos of a special CRJ-700 that Northrop Grumman is using as a testbed for a possible new low-band jammer system to compete for an Electronic Warfare Systems sub contract on Boeing’s EA-18G (ironically McDonald Douglas, now Boeing stole their F/A -18 design from Northrop Grumman’s YF-17 that originally competed against GDs YF-16). Northrop took McDonald Douglas to court and …well another story

Anyway I couldn’t find any other info other than pics and videos by spotters except a tweet from James Drew (screenshot below) who is an AviationWeek Defense Editor.

Anyone know anything more?

I’m not sure if this should have went under spotting but decided against it because I didn’t see first hand.


It actually looks like the test bed is from Bombardier, now that I see Learjet Inc is a Bombardier owned company. The aircraft was last owned by Learjet.

After re reading the tweet, it looks like Northrop Grumman is using (probably a lease) a CRJ-700 to test their low band jamming equipment that may be used on the future EA-18G built by Boeing; Northrop and Raytheon have been competing for the EW suite sub contracts.

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It’s quite weird to see an EA-18G nose on a CRJ-700. I’m also a little confused as to why Northrop Grumman wouldn’t use one of their own aircraft…


I know what you are all thinking - wow, what a beauty!

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