Northrop Grumman E-8 Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (Joint STARS)

Not my photo, credit goes to:
Steven Fine

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  • Yes, I would love to have this plane added!
  • Meh, it’s ok…
  • Maybe in a later update, or maybe after a certain feature is added
  • No, I don’t like this plane.

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I would prefer to see the original 707 before any of its military offsprings.


@MaxSez… I starting to believe you guy who post Aircraft for IF acquisition just look at the pictures and bloviate. JStars is a junker now awaiting a replacement for the 5 still in service. Only 8 where built in 1991. It has “No” historical significant or story other than flying 360’s in a few hostile enviorment. I vote “Nay”

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C0_0l! I love this plane!

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Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. However, starting now, I will look at the aircraft’s history and “future”.

Good man, Gamer. You always select excellent examples of historic significance most of the time my young smart friend. There history and future are important considerations. It’s always best to justify your picks with a short narrative of why. Regards, Max