NorthernSkyy’s IF Photo Compilation #3

Hey There Everyone!
Welcome back to another Photo Compilation brough to you by me! I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!

Singapore 777-300ER
Finnair A321

American A320

Southwest 737-800

United 787-900

Which was your favorite?

  • Southwest
  • American
  • Singapore
  • Finnair
  • United

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Thanks for viewing this Compilation! I’ll see you in the next one!


I have a question about these photos, I know they were edited, but I want to know if they were even taken in the game? (IF)

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All of these were initially captured in Infinite Flight, but @infiniteflightskyy happens to be very good with editing 😉


Yes! Like @Kirito_77 said, they were taken in game and edited! :)


Your photos are unreal. They look so amazing! Great work. :)


Thank you for you continuous support man! I really appreciate it!

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Wow! What incredible photos you got here! Am I seeing the Singapore 77W with reversers in the air? :/

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Thats odd, I wasn’t applying reversers… I remember because I took that recently. I was on solo.

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