NorthernSkyy’s 19.1 IF Photo Compilation

Hey Everybody!

Welcome back to another photo compilation brought to you by yours truly, NorthernSkyy! These photos are specifically dedicated to the new 19.1 update that came out recently! Absolutely love it! Great job devs!
Let’s get into it!

(Also a heads up, I took a little bit of a different approach on these shots. No subtle clouds in the background for this one! As some of you may know I like to do that, ALOT. Probably will go back to that for the next compilation.)

These two pictures were taken at Hong Mong Intl. On the Expert Server during FNF. It was definitely a busy day for VHHH, but it was a fun one! These pictures were taken right before departure to Shanghai Pudong.

These next few pictures were taken on Solo, as I was testing out the the new free cam as well as some of the new liveries and live replay! No routes were established in these shots.

Thanks for viewing this compilation! See you in the next one.


Niiiiiiceee! I like the second one 👌


Wow just wow great photos

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Great photos! The second photo is stunning!

These pictures make me miss the “best of photos” thread. These would have been a great inclusion to that thread


I miss that thread too :(

Thanks guys for the kind words!

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I really liked your photos. Good work.

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Nice job! @infiniteflightskyy

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