Northern Oregon to Southern Oregon - Portland International Flyout

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Earlier today one of the Pacific Northwest’s underrated and overlooked large airports was the site of a flyout event, that being Portland International Airport, located on the tippy top of Oregon in, well, you guessed it, Portland. Here’s the pictures I got from there and my flight.

The Usual Mini-Mod Repellent

Server: Expert
Route: KMFR-KPDX-KMFR (but focusing on the last two)
Aircraft: De Havilland DASH8 Q400, in the old Alaska Horizon livery
Cruise Alt: 22,000 up to PDX, 21,000 down to MFR

Original Event Link: 24SEP2022 / 1800Z / Adventures in the Cascades @KPDX COMPLETED

And now on to the photos!

1| Takeoff from Medford to fly up to the flyout (because why not)

2| Landing in Portland with an @CaptainOveur in the MD-11F chilling in the background

3| Sitting around with @United403 (furthest) and @RagonDragon (closest) in their Q400s just after a brief server outage

4| Old vs. New livery with @Butter575 rolling up in the Alaska 737

5| Pushed back and starting engines, with @AmericanB772 in the bananabus and @OregonAviaton in the E170

6| The various Alaska flights gathering at 28L. Also my brakes imminently fail and a slide a little ways out towards the runway before i catch it.

7| Launching off runway 28L, and @CaptainOveur makes a reappearance in the MD-11F

8| A different and, to me, a much more scenic view of my liftoff

9| Cruising back down to Medford, and a Q400 crewed by @MacGyver landing in Eugene beneath me

10| Engine shutdown


Do you have a favorite photo or two? If so, you can let me know which one

  • 1| Leaving Medford
  • 2| Arriving in Portland
  • 3| Sitting Around With the Other Q400s
  • 4| New vs Old livery
  • 5| Pushback
  • 6| Gathering at Runway 28L
  • 7| Liftoff View 1 (MD-11)
  • 8| Liftoff View 2 (Mt. Hood)
  • 9| Looking Down on Landing Q400
  • 10| Engine Shutdown

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those are freaking amazing Aidan!!! you NEED AN AWARD

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Alaska Alaska and an other Alaska

Very good shot today

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Alaska bro’s 😎

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I couldn’t find the Alaska livery for the Q400. Is it new?

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Nope, it’s listed as Horizon

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Thank you!

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No problem

The whole thing tricked me too at first

Cool pictures!

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