Northern Norway Filled with aircraft

Thanks to everyone attending to my ENTC flyout event today!
Here you have some screenshots from the event!
We were many SAS aircraft! One lonely Norwegian and one lonely Widerøe, pictures of planes in the hold short line, taking off and at the gates

Thanks for the new replay feature
Also if any of the attendees have some more pictures feel free to post them in the comments


I live for a dark night where the sun barely shines. Brilliant pictures!

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They are some truly epic shots you have there. IF in late sunset is truly beautiful!

Live Replay has got to be one of the best additions since Live having allowed us to take these cracking screenshots. Well done and thanks for sharing.

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These pictures do look awesome, however for some reason I’m unable to view most of them… It looks like you may have split some of the image code apart 🙃

Yeah, had too many so while I tried to fix it I ruined the whole topic, but fixed it now. I was thinking about adding text to every picture, but I don’t want to mess it up more

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Coming from someone thats from norway, this is dope

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