Northern Lights

The smart phone of today iPhone 7 google pixel are better than computers of 10 years ago

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We all have to remember this is a mobile game, the devices we use have limits, the RAM and the graphics and all that might have to be taken into account, devices are getting better but I think this would be way to hard to implement at the moment and dare I say it too hard to implement this decade

they are (I can run windows 10 on my android 0__0)

Actually the one plus 3t has a 3ghz possessor and 6 gigs of ram : /

For those who actually have seen it knows that it can’t be replecated…

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It sorta can (with technology ofcorce)

That’s true, maybe create many different patterns and then they appear randomly. And sometimes they don’t even appear.

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Yes but on iPhones isn’t the same thing

Oh that explains it lol

Geomagnetic storm onboard! Very impressive

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That’s sooooo cool, I wish I could see the northern lights (I’m in Aus)

Since the graphics and stuff are gonna be streamed and this is a possibility as well as the aura Australis

See this from a devolpers perspective. You would wanna have as much device running the game as possible so that you can make money and profit out if it and use it for either further game development or for what ever reason they please to. Not all people can afford top notch device. Look how much scrunity went in to the forum in the name of global price increase.

Well, the more money they make, the more features they are going to put in the simulator. Which means people would have to upgrade.

I’d prefer the northern lights on the Hekla Aurora 757.

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i will vote this

Talk about an old topic


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