Northern lights

Hello IFC!

So I just saw a closed feature request about this and I think it could be interesting!

Give me your opinions!

This is absolutely beautiful though!! 😍
I mean IF already has stars and moon & adding this would not be that difficult i guess…
But would love to this see soon when Project Metal is announced.


Well it’s looks Amazing, but all the devices should be able to handle such intense graphic loads.
For example; we would like to have clouds, rain, taxi lights, buildings and Northern Lights.
Until, if adds all these features and have an option turn off clouds, taxi lights, rain individually, our devices might work, If not devices cannot handle everything, plus remember we need a smooth experience when flying as well.


I live watching these every night in the NWT Canada👍🇨🇦✅


Awesome idea because of how unique it is. That’s definitely not the first feature I would have thought about but I love that you brought it under the spotlight.
It would really not be that critical for the game or pretty much useless from a flight technique standpoint, but it’s so random and would be so unexpected that I’m absolutely clearing a vote for this 😀

I believe the Metal project thingy should permit this.

These northern lights - formally called aurora borealis (In the north) and aurora australis (in the south) would be a lot more static than clouds or rain even for that matter. So I guess less processing power consuming. But I could be mistaken.

I just love seeing them. I usually stay up all night on my frequent transatlantic flights just to see them.

If I remember properly, they come from electrically charged particles hitting the earth’s magnetosphere after having been carried over by solar storms.


dammit i’m outta votes… but we need this


While low power mode is activated their resolution would be very low or could be an option to turn off this feature

Let’s get this feature request new life. I support it now. Because its such an cool Nature Phenomenon so i think we need it in IF.

Aurora Australia taken by KarryOn from an special Qantas flight:

Aurora Borealis taken by The Points Guy on a Flight:


Looks sooo pretty!! 😍😍 lemme see if I can clear A vote for this!

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Okay would be very cool 👍

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@EdCruz what about making this Feature Request looking better with explainng why you think we need it and also ad some more informations about Northen and Southern light (Aurora Borealis and Australis) like adding both wikipedia threads. Because maybe here are some people who never heard about them and don’t know waht it actualy is.


I agree with you,you should make the change.😉 @EdCruz

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I would love this!


Things we didn’t know we need! 🤯



You have my vote! This would be incredible

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Oh yes. Clearing a vote for this. We need this to the Northern skies 😍

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dont forget about the southern lights too!


This post / request deserves a bump.



It would kinda of look like this. And this is over Northern Canada 🇨🇦