Northern Lights at Brussels! (BRU/EBBR)

Well hello there everyone, hope you’re all having a great day today!

If you haven’t seen my last topic All on one!, check it out.

Last weekend on the 15th of August, I went spotting again, it was a pretty normal day, nothing extremely special but I did see something very nice indeed, you can probably guess what it is by the title.

Like last time, I went to the spotting platform for runway 01/19, for departing aircraft you can get great shots of them in the air and for landing aircraft you can get some great ones above the runway threshold.

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve ever really edited my pictures (thank you @Robertine for suggesting I do so) so tell me what you think of them.

Basic information:

  • Landing runway: 19 (later changed to 01)
  • Departing runway: 19 (later changed to 07R)
  • Camera: Fujifilm X-T2
  • Lens: Fujifilm XF 100-400mm

Now here comes the good part, the pictures!

Let’s start off with the first departure I saw, this gorgeous Lufthansa Airbus A319 (D-AILF) departing to Frankfurt Airport (FRA/EDDF).

Next up is one I was not expecting at all, this was not shown on Flight Radar 24 either, probably because of security reasons. This Belgian Air Force Airbus A321 (CS-TRJ), of course I don’t know where it arrived from since it didn’t show up on the Flight Radar 24 app.

Next up we have an international flight, this stunning United Airlines Boeing 787-10 (N17002) blasting out of Brussels, headed to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR/KEWR)

Only a few minutes after that I got to see a freighter, this time it was a Sichuan Airlines Airbus A330-200F (B-308P) headed to Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport (CTU/ZUUU).

Now this is the one you’ve all been waiting for, this absolutely beautiful Icelandair Boeing 757-200 (TF-FIU) in the Aurora Borealis special livery, headed to Keflavik Airport (KEF/BIKF).

After that I got to see something up close that we don’t get often in Brussels, this Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787-9 (G-VYUM) departing towards Heathrow Airport (LHR/EGLL).

Next up we have the beautiful TAP Airbus A320 (CS-TMW) departing towards Humberto Delgado Airport (LIS/LPPT).

Right after that I got to see another heavy, this Emirates Boeing 777-300ER (A6-EQK) headed to Dubai International Airport (DXB/OMDB).

After a few minutes another freighter came by, this time an Ethiopian Cargo Boeing 777F (ET-APS) headed to Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG/ZSPD).

And last but not least, we have this stunning Air Canada Airbus A330-300 (C-GFUR) doing it’s takeoff roll, headed towards Montréal–Trudeau International Airport (YUL/CYUL).

And that is it! I did get some other shots but that 10-picture limit leaves me with quite a few unused pictures but oh well. I made this topic on my birthday because if I put this off any longer then I would never do it.

Anyway, I hope you like the pictures and the editing job I did, thank you again @Robertine for suggesting I edit my shots, I think they came out really well and got improved massively so thank you buddy.

Have a great day everyone!


Great pictures thank you for spotting!


Thank you very much!

Great pics @T1MMY4L1F3_YT, happy birthday! 🥳

Use this for tracking the Military ones. 👍


Those pics are stunning! Absolutely beautiful! I’m glad you took the time ti edit them!

If you have any more questions, I’m open!

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Thank you to all 3 of your statements! I’ll be sure to check the link out.

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Thank you for suggesting I do so, they really came out with a lot more color and light, I’m very happy I took the time to edit some.

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Here is the Icelandair 757 before I edited it, as you can see, quite a big difference.



Nice pics. Weird enough that a Belgian military plane has a Portuguese tail number.

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Thank you, and I think most of the VIP transport planes from the Belgian Military have CS- registrations, I think they’re leased from or operated by HiFly.

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Great pictures, but first:

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Timmy, happy birthday to youuuuuuu
Happy birthday, lol🎉

Okay, back to the pictures.
Amazing pictures, great editing too. The first one is my favorite😁

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Thank you mate, I’ll be sure to enjoy my birthday and also, thanks for the feedback on my editing, I don’t have much experience when it comes to that so.

Ah, that would explain it. Thanks for the clarification.

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No problem mate.

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Absolutely stunning pictures! My favourite is the StarAlliance A319, followed by the Star of the day, the Northern Lights B757.

Never knew that Belgium had an A321…

Thanks for sharing!

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The engines on the Virgin 787 stand out so nicely in that red! Great pictures :D

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I love these!

Btw Happy Birthday!

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Thank you @JulianB, I love them as well and yes, the Belgian Air Force does use an A321 as VIP transport, they also have an ERJ-145 and a Falcon 7X I believe.

They do indeed @Ryan_Gibb , thank you very much!

@Alec Thank you so much!


😳 There are awesome. Great work!

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Thank you very much mate!