Northern Germany

Where is FRA and STR

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I think that FRA is Frankfurt and STR Stuggart?

Yes I would miss those two airports so much :(

European airspace should have any of these

Red: Already implemented in-game
Blue: Suggested European maps


i hope switzerland region! @LSZH34 !! @swang007


Yes would like Frankfurt. We have enough Lufthansa Liveries.

Still voting for FRA-ZRH-MXP

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still voting for LSGG (and locals airports LSGY, LSGL …)


Zurich, Geneve and Munich and maybe stuttgart in one region would be Soooooooo cool! Especially with the A320 if Swiss livery! ;)

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The most important Airports in Germany and Netherlands are:

-EDDL (Duesseldorf) DONE
-EDDK (Cologne) DONE
-EHAM (Amsterdam) DONE

-EDDF (Frankfurt) the biggest in Germany
-EDDM (Munic) the second biggest in Germany
-EDDH (Hamburg) not very big but nice
-EDDB (Berlin-Schoenefeld) capital of Germany
-EDDT (Berlin-Tegel)

This would be nearly every airport, and would cover a big space, with also smaller airports.


GVA to VIE as well.

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LSGG & LSZH are the biggest airports of switzerland.

Is it coming?

Nobody knows

only @matt knows

Don’t tag the developers unnecessarily. (._.)

Matt doesn’t know.

sorry if I sound preachy but please don’t tag him for unnecessay things :)

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who i can tag for get a status with this request?

No one. It’s wrong and not needed. Tagging developers should only be in extreme cases, like bugs. Not feature requests.

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Devs check all feature requests IIRC in the first place. Paritally why there are so mant rules

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