Northern Germany‘s beauties: Spotting at Hannover Airport!

Hello everyone and a big thank you for having a look at my topic!
Welcome to a spotting topic from Hannover Airport, located in Northern Germany, I Hope you’ll enjoy the pictures!

Let’s get right to it with a plane you probably last saw in a rather packed manner in one of @Moritz‘ posts from MUC: D-AICE, now back flying, arriving in Hannover from Split:

The second one is a rather shiny and new aircraft, one of Turkish Airlines A321NEOs, rocketing out of Hannover towards Istanbul:

Next up is a cargo B737-400, which, opposed to many other cargo planes was coming in a rather colourful livery:

With an exceptionally fast turnaround time of just 30 minutes, I also managed to spot the following Wizz Air A320 twice, arriving and departing from/to Budapest:

Concluding today´s topic is a Lufthansa CityLine Mitsubishi (!) CRJ900LR, arriving from Frankfurt in LH CityLine‘s oldest livery:

I really hope that you enjoyed the topic, and would really, really appreciate your comments below (any kind ;). Thank you!


Great photos! Too bad it was cloudy, the Wizz A320 would have looked incredible in the sun.

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Those are some awesome shots! Nice work mate :)


I got a similar shot of an Eurowings A319 last year, so I can definitely confirm this ;) Thank you!

Thank you very much!

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They are some great pictures! Great work :)

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Thank you very much!!

Damn awesome shots, particularly like the cargo one.

Really fantastic shots! It looks like you were pretty close!

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I hope you don’t mind! I did an edit on one of your photos :)


Thank you very much! Yes, indeed. The spot is on a hill right next to the fence, with only a bit of grass afterwards before the runway!

Not even remotely ;) Really a very, very cool edit, much appreciated, thank you very much!


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