Northern flying @ BIKF - 291500ZAPR19


Aircraft and Livery: I will use the CRJ-200, but you cam use every small plane that can reach 340kt cruise.

Route: BIKF-BGBW (copy flight plan from me. My callsign is IQ300)

Time of Departure: 1500Z

Server: We will be on training server, but please behave serios!

Additional Information: Try not to use the rudder during the landing. You can very easily enter an uncontrolled drift!


Hmmm, try landing in a 20kn crosswind by only using roll, that wouldn’t look too pretty either!

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Yes, i have just landet and noticed that you can drift easy. I want that there will be nothing like a drift competition.

Typically rudder is used to prevent drift, if you use it properly.

Yes, but it is really hard to use the rudder properly at BGBW

I use rudder only if there is a crosswind and I need to crab to the left or right, and when I hear “10” I hit the rudder just to face my aircraft forward so it doesn’t drift off

Yes, i was using the rudder during slowing down and than i drifted.

I think i saw you, I was in my WOW Air A330

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Yes, i too!

If you are interested, here are some pictures.

There I am! Wow that weather was terrible indeed, I found it hard to depart

Yes, i nearly slided off the runway!

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