Northern Colorado Regional Airport begins testing Remote ATC Tower


Northern Colorado Regional Airport has over 90,000 flights a year, but no ATC tower, until now. " The Colorado Department of Transportation reports being close to completing a new remote tower project for Loveland, a facility that won’t demand the building of a traditional, expensive tall tower building."

The new ATC facility will be made at ground level, completely closed at all sides with TV screens lining the walls giving controllers a Tower Like the view of the Airfield. The camera to screen setup will give controllers an HD view of the world around them (if the facility is located onsite)

The costs associated with building a remote ATC tower amounts to about 8 Million USD, compared to the estimated cost of building a real-life tower landing in between 60 to 120 million USD, this is a great thing for regional airports serving less populated/demanding destinations.


I’m heading up there this Wednesday to go pick up a friend from KFNL. I’ll try to get a picture of the mast and share it here. I’ve flown up there a few times to go visit some friends and have had the opportunity to watch them construct the set up. Something like 16 cameras on the main tower mast.

Will be interesting to see how it all works. NoCo Rgnl. is a nice airport though. Friendly staff there at DenverJet Center. and decent gas prices too!


Very cool, can’t wait to see those photos, haven’t been up there myself but definitely want to go see it now.

Very interesting, they want to do the with London City airport aswell so I’m sure this could prove beneficial to the teams in the UK in terms of proof of concept.


Very cool, I drive by FNL a couple Times a year and I would like to see this.

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If i remember correctly, i saw something early this year or late last year about London City Airport doing something similar but theyre moving the controllers away from the airport to a separate facility.

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Looks very innovative, hoping it works out!

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Operation “Pick up former college roommate”

Alright. As promised here are photos of the remote ATC tower. The orange and white tower (the shorter of the two) is the main tower. The taller post are lights to light up the ramp. Atop of the tower are 16 HD cameras that provide a 360 field of view of the entire field.


Close up of the Remote ATC Tower at KFNL.

At the end of Runway 15 & 33 there are these smaller towers. I’m not 100% what they are, but I’m going to assume that they’re sensors and/or more cameras for those aircraft holding short of the runway ends.

As you can see they’re still setting things up. And if you look closely in the photo below you’ll see a hawk perched onto of the mast.


Flying back over downtown Denver

The former Sports Authority Stadium now known as Broncos Stadium at Mile High.


Nice to see! Great photos by the way.

Beautiful photos, thank you so much.

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