Northern Air Cargo B767-300F

The Northern Air Cargo livery suits the Boeing 767-300 very nicely, and I especially like the maroon color scheme. I believe this would be a very nice addition to the relatively limited selection of B767 liveries in Infinite Flight.

Photographer: Hector Rivera

Looks like a nice livery to add. It’s a shame I’m out of votes.

For more serious matters, I did find a duplicate BUT I flagged it for closure due to it’s age and inactivity.

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Thank you very much!
I apologize - I searched twice and did not see another one but I guess I didn’t look enough.

hmmm do we have 763F in game even?

No but it can just be added within the b763 list, not that complicated.

A specific variant isn’t necessarily needed as Long as it’s the same type of aircraft.

Take the B747-8 for example, we have both cargo and passenger variants.

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Exactly! Thank you!

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