North pole issue?

I dont mean to make a topic to bug over a certain crash but this was my first flight that was over 6 hours, i was around the north pole & it just crashed. Should i stay away from that area? I was flying from omdb to klax & was 7 1/2 hours in.

IMG_6792 any way to avoid this app crash?
Also my first waypoints were deleted? Any reason for that. I was emrites 0386 from dubai about 12 hours ago departure time w/atc

No issue most likely.
An app crash can unfortunately happen at any place, and just because you’ve had one on that particular place it doesn’t mean there’s an issue at that spot :)


If it can be replicated then it becomes and issue.

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What about the beginning of the flight plan? Also around the north pole my aircraft was on nav mode and seemed to be on a different heading than given.

I’ve flown over the north pole numerous times without any issues.


Whoever was atc last night approx 12 hours ago, should have seen my flight plan, i didn’t mean for this to be a reply but my flight plan was much more detailed, & about the nav turning off course i have no explanation

Sorry, but i’m not following this at all. First you spoke of app crash… now you’re talking about NAV, FPL and other things?

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ATC cannot view flight plans. This was another thing that has been changed with the new update.

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